The customer becomes part of the creative process

portfolioJust as some sculptors prefer marble and certain painters have chosen oils or watercolors, Mark Lesnick has chosen concrete as his artistic medium.

“Concrete is a natural material,” says Mark. “Left raw, it has a distinctive industrial look. However, when finished to the level of polished stone, its beauty rivals that of granite or, in some instances, marble. It can be molded to almost any shape. As an additional benefit, what is being created can capture any color pigmentation or virtually any texture.”

Offering a diverse “palette” of shapes and hues, concrete can transform an ordinary fixture or piece of furniture into something extraordinary. Suddenly, an everyday object, such as a countertop, assumes a leading role in complementing a room, enhancing its warmth and intimacy. Akin to a fine wine or elegant leather sofa, it will assume a patina of its own that only becomes more attractive as the years pass.

In addition to the visual rewards of owning such a fixture or piece of furniture, those individuals commissioning custom work are welcome to become an integral part of the creative process. “We encourage every customer to use their imagination and choose the color, shape, thickness, and texture,” stresses Mark. “That way, the end product becomes uniquely theirs.”

Take a moment to peruse the Mark Concrete gallery of custom work products. You’re bound to see something that will inspire your imagination….
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