Coaxing concrete into functional art forms

colors-finishesMark Lesnick has developed a special relationship with concrete.

The superior texture of Mark’s formula is no accident. It is a result of working with concrete on a day-to-day basis since 1971. The material created by his formula is superior to anything offered by the competition for many reasons.

The concrete is internally reinforced with the appropriate material for the intended use. Glass fiber reinforcement (GFRC) is also used to create structures that are comparable in weight to conventional furniture. GFRC weighs less than half of conventional concrete making it feasible for bathtubs, wall tiles and panels.

Mark’s unique recipes enhance the color and texture of concrete. Several types of cement are used to provide an unlimited range of color. “We stock many different varieties of stone and sand, which allows us to provide textural variations in our finishes,” says Mark.

Like those alchemists of old who reportedly transformed base materials into gold, Mark uses the latest developments in concrete manufacturing technology to create artful and functional fixtures and furnishings.

Mark Concrete has been featured on the popular Discovery channel program, “Dirty Jobs”. To learn about our processes, go to our Media page to view the video.