Concrete Surface Protection and Maintenance

Retain the beauty of concrete – for years to come

Remodeling & Home DesignMark Lesnick’s (President and Founder of Mark Concrete) experience in the pre-cast concrete industry, engineering and fabrication, as well as his desire to use his creative talents motivated him to create Mark Concrete.

Mark Concrete is committed to staying on the cutting edge of surface protection technology that makes the best possible product for our clients. With the advent of decorative concrete as a popular design choice for residential and commercial surfaces, the sealers and coatings have continued to evolve and improve.

Staining and etching are now manageable if not totally eliminated with our products.

We offer consultations regarding the appropriate product for your intended use. Our goal is to provide you with an artistic custom product that reflects your unique taste and enhances the beauty of your project.

Kitchen Counters, Indoor & Outdoor, Bath Vanities and Sink Surfaces

Food preparation surfaces have been the biggest challenge. Exposure to acids and oils that are being used daily in food preparation require robust protection.

We offer two (2) options, first is a surface treatment call I.C.T. that utilizes a densifier and penetrating sealer, this is our standard sealer. “I use this system on all my concrete surfaces ~Mark Lesnick.”

Second, we offer a penetrating water based sealer called Trinic H-12 that provides protection from stains as well as etching from acids without diminishing  the look of the concrete.

More about these products

1.) I.C.T is a treatment not a coating-
This system utilizes a densifier plus a surface penetrating sealer that produces a beautiful low sheen surface that is highly resistant to staining and acid attack …If maintained properly (refer to blue concrete link). We have been using this sealer for several years and have experienced excellent results as the product performance has continued to improve as a result of the manufactures commitment to provide the best system available.

  • ICT produces the best finish (in my opinion), the best way I can describe this finish is that it is similar to a hand-rubbed oil finish on a fine piece of furniture.
  • Offers excellent protection on indoor and outdoor surfaces as it will stand up to U.V. attack, will not peel or de-bond from the concrete surface
  • Resistance increases with age (has a 30-day initial cure requirement) but continues to become stronger as it ages. During the first month of use special care should be taken to cleanup any spills as they occur. The counter surfaces will show water markings during this period as well. These dark water marks will disappear as the water evaporates from the surface.
  • ICT is very easy to touch up or repair if there is an unfortunate stain or acid attack. Spot repairs are easily accomplished and are usually invisible.
  • As with any fine stone surface, a level of care is necessary- see care & maintenance and manufactures recommendations (

I.C.T Care & Maintenance
Avoid long term exposure to food acids and staining agents such as lemon juice, tomatoes, red wine, olive oil and liquid hand soap. Any staining agent left on the surface long enough can get through the finish. We advise using a ceramic dish placed under your soap dispenser to avoid soap rings.

Any mild soap including dish soap will work to clean the surface. We recommend Simple Green or similar products applied and wiped with a micro-fiber cloth. A white “Scotch Brite” pad will work well to remove any dried food and will not damage the surface.

Do not use abrasive cleaners such as scouring powder, or cleaner such as CLR that utilize calcium dissolving agents. Do not use the surface for a cutting board or put hot cooking utensils directly on the surface.

2.) Trinic H-12

  • H-12 is a two component hybrid water based sealer that produces a matte finish or satin sheen and offers the highest level of protection that will not allow penetration of acids or staining agents to reach the concrete surface. This sealer produces a finish that is less glossy than the ICT finish.
  • This product will not peel from the concrete surface as the nano particle technology penetrates the surface and creates a molecular bond to the substrate.
  • H-12 is a low maintenance product as it is an excellent stain, acid and scratch resistance sealer that creates a barrier between the concrete surface and any staining agents
  • The sealing surface will wear over time and will eventually require re-sealing by a professional applicator

H-12 Care & Maintenance
We recommend using the same care and maintenance procedures recommended above for the ICT system. This material will yield years of service if these recommendations are followed.
We get asked “how long will this sealer last?” and “how often will it need to be resealed?” and unfortunately we cannot provide an answer to those questions without simply guessing. Sealer longevity is only affected by “mileage” or in other words how much or how hard is it being used.

Additional interior and exterior concrete surfaces

Fireplaces, wall panels, tiles etc. are sealed with a high quality penetrating sealer that allows easy cleaning and provides adequate protection when treated as you would furniture.

Exterior concrete surfaces such as planters, BBQ cabinets, fire pits and pizza ovens are sealed with a either a high quality penetrating sealer or an exterior water based coating that will provide a level of sheen or enhancement to the surface appropriate for outdoor exposure. The choice of sealer is left up to the customer as the finish varies with these materials however the performance is comparable.

Care & Maintenance
An occasional washing with mild soap (Simple Green) and water rinse.

Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Resealing may be necessary if excess water penetration becomes evident. These types of sealers are easy to apply and can be done by the homeowner if desired (Call Mark Concrete for recommendations 831-632-0845)